About SAT

About SAT

Sat Group for Academic and Educational Consulting, which was established by a group of Saudi youth, is a national institution that provides academic advice and services around the world. The main SAT branches are located in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the United Kingdom (Newcastle, York).

Through its staff, employees, colleagues, and student relations in many countries and regions, SAT seeks to be a link between Arabic-speaking students who wish to study abroad on the one hand and between institutes, universities and on the other hand the academic institutions speaking English.

In addition, SAT offers postgraduate students in the United Kingdom after their graduation, in cooperation with British institutions, with short-term job opportunities for the purpose of gaining experience.

SAT services also include short-term study programs targeting UK tourists and visitors.

The SAT team consists of employees with academic and legal experience in terms of study, residency and living conditions in the country of scholarship.

In fact, many SAT employees started out as scholarships! They have direct and practical experience abroad and are familiar with the kinds of difficulties that new students face.

Our mission

Through our contracts and agreements with institutes, universities and academic institutions, we seek to raise the standard of educational cooperation between institutions and create a competitive environment to provide the best services to applicants. We aim to help applicants to practice the educational experience abroad to be more open, productive, efficient, responsive and cooperative.

our value

The values on which SAT was founded are cooperation, joint work, sincerity, initiative, and our personal passion for what we do
Our values were a great empetus to transform SAT from a dream into a reality